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List of Issues.

Nurses and counseling in every school.

Unfortunately, state funding currently provides fewer than ten nurses and only one counselor to 460 students in Seattle schools. We must work with our state legislators and local leaders to rectify this critical issue.

Fiscal transparency and accountability.

I hold a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Washington, with a specialization in finance. I will bring an expert’s eye to the budgeting process and an activist’s passion for transparency.

Racial equity.

Seattle Schools have great strengths, but most of our schools still struggle with racial disparities. On Seattle School Board, I will support thoughtful efforts to acknowledge and address these disparities.

Cultural transformation.

In order to achieve our equity goals, we need to implement structures, policies and practices founded on inclusive decision-making and power sharing with our families furthest from educational justice. As a school system, we must demonstrate that multiculturalism is as an asset and lead toward dismantling racism and discrimination in the wider community.

Special education inclusion, funding and service.

Children of all abilities deserve rich and inclusive learning opportunities. SPS receives less than half of the funding necessary to identify and support students with special education needs. We must insist that the state provide the funding necessary to fully meet the needs of all special education students.

Inclusive curriculum, school environments and staff.

We know students succeed most when they see themselves represented in school environments, curricula and staff. As a board member I will fight to ensure our policies support these outcomes.

Dual-language opportunities in every school.

In a global city like Seattle, multilingualism is an asset, not a deficit and should be treated as such in our schools. We must invest in our future workforce by providing dual language learning environments. 

Identity safety for students of color, LGBTQ+, students with disabilities, and immigrant students.

Students must feel that they are welcome when they enter their school environments. Regardless of race, language, gender identity, ability, our children are gifts to be appreciated, not problems to be solved. Staff and administration must build a culture where this is the expectation and be responsive when it is not.

Family engagement.

Seattle Public Schools is stuck in a reactive cycle of engagement. As a board member, I would push to invest time in a proactive structure of engagement at the district and building level so that family and student voices are heard and acted upon with accountability.

Disproportionality in discipline.

Research evidence shows that some groups of students are subjected to discipline – from infractions to expulsions, and beyond – at higher rates and with greater severity. We must ensure we treat all students equitably and are not disproportionately removed from access to learning.

Healthy school lunch and recess.

While learning and instructional time are essential, meals, breaks and physical activity are critically important for students’ social and emotional development and health. I support mandatory recess time and a return to scratch-cooked school meals.

Community and intergovernmental partnerships.

Our schools are a key part of our communities, and they should be a key partner in our communities. I will work to identify
opportunities for Seattle Schools to work with institutional and community groups in addressing and identifying needs. Kids with strong community connections do better, at school and beyond.

Social-emotional learning.

Research suggests that students often struggle with managing emotions, goals, relationships, and decision-making. School programs that teach self-awareness and interpersonal skills can be greatly beneficial in a highly connected world. I support social-emotional learning opportunities in all schools.

Family support specialist programming.

Our Family Support Program in Seattle Public Schools is something I’ve fought to retain with both District and City of Seattle support. I will continue to push for greater funding sustainability in this wrap-around service model and stronger career pathways for our specialists.

Partnerships to support housing for teachers.

It’s no surprise that Seattle Public Schools instructors face some of the highest housing costs of teachers. I support partnering with the City, County, and our local legislators to find solutions for teachers struggling to find adequate housing.

Substantive performance indicators and metrics for buildings and centralized departments.

With my budgeting and public sector background, I will work to identify key performance goals and outcomes across our District.

Strong legislative partnerships and advocacy.

Through my advocacy, I have been proud to work alongside our local legislators – and sometimes work to hold their feet to the fire! Seattle is lucky to have so many legislators with strong education focuses. I will partner with them to ensure we advocate for Seattle students on a statewide level.

Additional supports for schools supporting families experiencing homelessness.

At least 8% of our student population in Seattle Public Schools is experiencing homelessness at any given point. On the School Board, I will work to identify ways we can enable neighborhood schools to be effectively equipped to ensure access to education for students with housing insecurity.

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"I've worked to make our schools well-run and equitable places where kids can feel safe and thrive.  Here are some of my priority areas for our Seattle Public Schools.  If you have any questions, or would like to share your priorities...please let me know."

- Chandra Hampson

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