• “Her commitment to fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability would be an important asset helping the board translate progressive values into real-world outcomes for Seattle’s kids.”

    Seattle's Daily Newspaper

    The Seattle Times

  • "Hampson, Winnebago, with a BA from Stanford and an MBA from UW, says she will work to make SPS an equitable, anti-racist organization with space for all students' cultures, values, and language.  Hampson has been endorsed by the King County Dems, the 46th District Dems, city council member Debora Juarez, and school board members Zachary DeWolf and Jill Geary. She's also got some serious tough-mother energy."

    Seattle's Alternative Newspaper

    The Stranger

  • Sole endorsement.

    Seattle Education Association

    Seattle Edu. Assoc.

  • Fuse is the state's largest progressive organization - people creating change online, on the ground, and on issues that matter.
    The goals at Fuse are to help progressives win more often and give ordinary people a strong voice in politics. They aim to provide organizing and communications power that helps progressives win today and tomorrow on critical issues and electoral campaigns, while strengthening the foundation for increased success over time.

    Fuse Progressive Voters Guide

    Fuse Progressive Voters Guide

  • "Endorsed by the
    46th District Democrats"

    46th District Democrats

    46th District Dem.

  • The 32nd Legislative District Democrats work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.

    32nd District Democrats

    32nd District Dem.

  • Sole endorsement.

    King County Democrats

    King County Dem.

  • "Our members and their families are under increasing pressure with constant anti-worker policies being introduced. We know that having elected officials who understand these challenges and will fight to ease the burden on workers is central to our success. Chandra also has the opportunity to pass policies that enhance the quality of life in our communities. We know that we can rely on Chandra's support to implement and fight for these policies."

    Teamsters Local 174 and 763


    Local 174 & 763

  • Sole endorsement. 
    Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii is an independent, not-for-profit organization that engages in legislative, educational and limited electoral activity. Planned Parenthood Votes Washington
    PAC is a separate segregated fund of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, which supports pro-choice, pro-family planning, pro-equality candidates for state, legislative and municipal office.

    Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii

    Planned Parenthood

  • The Native American Caucus works to advance our nation-to-nation relationships with tribal governments and uphold our federal trust responsibilities to Native Americans through the legislative process. 

    Native American Caucus, Washington State Democrats


  • Sole endorsement. 
    “Gun violence is preventable and we can take action at all levels of government. We need leaders in elected office to stand up to the gun lobby and keep our communities safe."

    The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund PAC

    Alliance for Gun Responsibility

  • OneAmerica Votes promotes democracy and builds power in immigrant and refugee communities by advocating for policies and developing leaders that strive for justice. 

    OneAmerica Votes

    OneAmerica Votes

  • WoCE supports a network of equity-focused, knowledgeable, connected and passionate women of color in education. 

    Women of Color in Education


  • The National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington has voted to endorse Chandra Hampson for Seattle School Board Director, District 3.

    National Women’s Political Caucus of WA State | Pres. Samantha Casne


  • UFCW 21 is the largest private-sector Union in Washington, with over 46,000 members working in grocery store, retail, health care, and other industries.

    United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

    UFCW 21

  • IUOE Local 609, in Seattle, is the oldest and largest union local representing only classified (non-teaching) employees of K-12 public schools in Washington State. Organized in 1941, it has been actively involved in advocating on behalf of classified employees since being officially certified in 1968.  Among its over 700 members are: custodial, grounds, food service, safety/security and building operating employees in 100 facilities in and around Seattle.

    International Union of

    Operating Engineering

    IUOE Local 609 

  • “The Seattle Building Trades believe strongly that public and private job sites should reflect the community. Through our strong training programs and partnerships, we are building the next generation of construction workers from our local communities. We appreciate Chandra's commitment to the preservation and creation of careers in the building and construction industry, strong pre-apprenticeship programs and the development of a construction workforce emphasizing increasing access and opportunity for the disadvantaged. We are excited about the progress being made with Seattle Public Schools on a Project Labor Agreement and Priority Hire program, and look forward to moving this forward soon."

    Seattle/King County Building & Construction Trades Council

    Seattle's Building Trades Unions

  • “The future of Seattle and cities across King County is at stake in November and working families are ready to fight for candidates who will stand up against corporations and win progressive results. From Seattle to SeaTac, voters will have a clear choice between candidates who will fight to the working-class and those who will bow to corporate interests."

    MLK Labor

    MLK Labor

  • Sen. David Frockt represents the 46th District, comprising N. Seattle

    Lake Forest Park, and Kenmore.

    Washington State Senator | 46th Legislative District

    Sen. David Frockt

  • Since 2016, Rebecca has served as a member of the WA State Senate from the 37th district, representing parts of Seattle and Renton.

    Washington State Senator | 37th Legislative District

    Sen. Rebecca Saldaña

  • Sen. Jamie Pedersen has served as a member of the Washington State Legislature since January 2007. 

    Washington State Senator | 43rd Legislative District

    Sen. Jamie Pedersen

  • “Great VOTE!"

    Washington State Senator | 38th Legislative District

    Sen. John McCoy

  • "As a parent Chandra has demanded high quality, culturally responsive instruction for each student. As PTSA President, she has worked for organizational accountability. She believes in Seattle Public School's mission and would be a great board director.”

    Seattle School Board,
    District 3 Representative
  • Rod is a member of the nonpartisan King County Council, representing District 1 which includes the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, North Seattle, Shoreline, and Woodinville.

    King County Council Chair  |

    District 1

    Rod Dembowski

  • Deborah is member of the Blackfeet Nation, she was the first Native American person elected to the council.

    Seattle City Council, District 5,

    North Seattle

    Deborah Juarez

  • Director Burke has represented District 2 since his election in November 2015. As president and engineering manager at Thermetrics, Director Burke’s extensive experience spans the private sector, public education and advocacy. Instructional materials and curriculum recommendations and community engagement are of particular interest to Director Burke.

    Seattle School Board,
    District 2 Representative

    Rick Burke

  • "Chandra Hampson has been a terrific leader for Seattle's students and schools. In District 3, and for the entire District, Chandra has led on supporting our educators, increasing equity and involving our parents."

    46th District Legislative, Representative, Pos. 1  

    Rep. Gerry Pollet

  • Javier Valdez is a member of the Washington House of Representatives, representing the 46th Legislative District

    46th District Legislative, Representative

    Rep. Javier Valdez

  • Joe Fitzgibbon is a member of the Washington House of Representatives, representing the 34th district.

    34th District Legislative, Representative

    Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

  • Jessyn represented Washington's 46th legislative district in the State House of Representatives from 2013 to 2017.

    Senior Vice President,

    Civic Ventures

    Jessyn Farrell

  • Harium spent 8 years on the Seattle School Board (2007-2015). During his tenure, he served on the Council of Great City Schools and the Council of Urban Boards of Education under the National School Board Association as vice-chair.

    Member at Washington State Board of Education, Education Consultant

    Harium Martin-Morris

  • Nick retired from Seattle City Council after serving 18 years. His book, Becoming a Citizen Activist -Stories, Strategies and Advice for Changing Our World, was published in January 2016.

    Former Seattle City Council Member & Author of Becoming a Citizen Activist

    Nick Licata

  • Dr. Felder is a retired principal of Seattle's Interagency Academy in which he spent 30 years helping educate underachieving, homeless and incarcerated children and now serves on the AAMAC Council of Elders formed to go into schools

    and observe school’s efforts of welcoming environments. 

    Member of African American Male Advisory Committee (AAMAC)

    Dr. Donald Felder

  • Brooke has particular expertise in Indian estate planning and probate, enforcing application of the Indian Child Welfare Act, protecting the rights to secure housing, tribal and non-tribal public benefits, and the education rights of Native American students. 

    Staff Director, Center for Indian Law & Policy, Seattle University School of Law

    Brooke Pinkham

  • “Chandra Hampson tiene la experiencia y cualidades necesarias para servir en la mesa directiva de Seattle Public Schools. La prioridad de Chandra es que todos los estudiantes del distrito escolar reciban una educación apropiada y de alta calidad. Chandra siempre está dispuesta a escuchar y  colaborar con los demás en beneficio de los estudiantes de las escuelas públicas de Seattle.“


    Manuela Slye

  • Zach is a Board Member for Seattle Public Schools. 

    Director at Seattle Public Schools

    Zachary DeWolf

  • “Chandra Hampson is someone you can trust to listen to your concerns and advocate fiercely for all of Seattle’s children. I have known her for many years, and my confidence and faith in her grows stronger with every year.“

    Chief Officer, Center for Equity in Learning | ACT

    Jim Larimore

  • "I've had the luck and pleasure of working closely with Chandra. She has a unique combination of serious operational knowledge and skills (including finance and school operations - the details that impact kids lives every day) and an un-wavering focus on equity and justice (the big picture ideas that keep us pushing toward a better school district and world). I can't imagine someone being more qualified, so I endorse her wholeheartedly."

    Treasurer, Lowell Elementary PTSA Seattle Chapter Lead, Integrated Schools

    Ali McKay

  • "I’m thrilled to endorse Chandra Hampson. I’ve witnessed her commitment to community and to Seattle public school kids throughout our district, which has been consistent and has had a meaningful impact. Chandra is a an experienced advocate for education and will continue to fight for all communities and every students in her district and in throughout our City. Chandra has a demonstrated history of possessing both the heart and the knowledge it takes to put educating our kids first. She will be one of our best assets if elected to the Seattle School Board."

    Artist, Activist, and Community Organizer

    Lhorna Murray

  • "I’m so honored to endorse Chandra Hampson.  Since our initial meeting with “Kids Not Cuts” in 2014 to her nomination to the Seattle Council PTSA as President this past year, I’ve been privileged to stand beside her in her tireless advocacy for all of our kids educations.  Whether it is fighting for equitable staffing in our schools, anti racist policies, support for our homeless and transitional families or for changes to ages old biased policies in PTSA’s that are not inclusive to all families, her commitment to community and our kids is unwavering and, more importantly, effective. Chandra is an experienced advocate for education and will fight for all communities and students in her district and in the City.”

    Community Advocate and

    SPS Parent 

    Marina Gray

  • “I wholeheartedly endorse Chandra Hampson for Seattle School Board Director, District 3. I have known Chandra for over three years through her service to Indigenous communities in the greater Seattle area. During our conversations, Chandra’s commitment to engaging educational programming that is both socially transformative and culturally sustaining is apparent. In her role as president of the Seattle Council PTSA, Chandra has been committed to providing culturally grounded educational opportunities for Indigenous students and other underrepresented students with hopes of infusing their educational experience with representation, autonomy, dignity, and pride. For example, she has spent over six years volunteering for the Huchoosedah Native Education to provide her expertise as both a scholar and a parent and to be present for the young people as a mentor, role model, and “auntie.” Given her commitment to racial equity and her track record of service to underrepresented students, I am honored to offer my greatest professional and personal endorsement for Chandra Hampson for Seattle School Board Director, District 3!” 

    Ph.D., MSW | Assistant Professor at Washington State University

    Emma Elliott-Groves

  • "Chandra’s advocacy for children and families is relevant and timely. She has a healthy balance between pragmatic policy based changes and the urgent action steps required to address immediate challenges. Her call to action is informed by evidenced based research and solid principles. Chandra’s passion for children and families, particularly those that have been historically and are currently underserved, is evident with how she allocates her time, efforts and resources. Chandra is willing and ready to serve powerfully as a Director on Seattle School Board."


    Brent Jones

  • Founder of the Coalition to End Urban Native Homelessness.

    Executive Director, Chief Seattle Club

    Colleen Echohawk

  • "I am honored to endorse Chandra Hampson, she is a tireless advocate and volunteer for education and social activities for all kids in our community. I have worked closely with her for the past few years. First, through our local little league softball program, where she not only volunteers and coaches multiple teams but helps improve the league and opportunities to all children in the program.  She dedicates countless hours not just coaching her teams but helping create additional opportunities for all of the girls in our program.  Next, she was instrumental in helping for a new team and raising funds to help support players get additional opportunities that were not previously available to them. Chandra, has never turned down an opportunity to get involved and always provides additional value and insight in how to improve our programs."

    Co-Founder & VP of Client Services, Wicket Labs | VP of Softball, NESLL

    Eric Knutson

  • "I hired Chandra soon after she graduated from Stanford. She helped me administer a $3M Community Partnership Grant from Health and Human Services (HHS). It was immediately apparent that Chandra was exceptionally bright, and would add value to our work. She has a lot of go power and ideas. Chandra showed initiative, leadership, and high interest in helping me, as Principal Investigator on a big federal project, with significant community expectations. She jumped right in, designing internal systems and community outreach, especially to our American Indian community in the Bay Area. I never doubted Chandra's ability to meet challenges and solve hard social problems. I'm thrilled to see how much she has accomplished between then and now. She is an asset to any team and would be a terrific Seattle School Board Member. Her experience is invaluable to all of us who care about kids, parents, and education."

    Principal, Public By Design | Public Service Designer, Researcher and Evaluator

    Andrea Schneider

  • “Chandra is a passionate, committed advocate and fierce champion for the education for all children. I have experienced her as a board member and a scholar. But many in the Indian community know her as an ever present mentor for many of Indian country’s emerging leaders. Chandra is always prepared and informed and is a tireless advocate for equity and fairness and fully understands the value and difference education provides. I endorse her as a colleague, a leader, a tireless advocate and a friend.  She would be an incredible asset to the Seattle School Board and to the community as a whole.”

    President & CEO, 

    First Nations Development Institute

    Michael E. Roberts

  • “I am thrilled to be able to endorse Chandra Hampson as a candidate for Seattle School Board. I have witnessed the way Chandra advocates for kids, particularly our most vulnerable populations, and marveled at her tireless commitment to finding solutions that make strides towards a more just and humane world. She is exactly what I want in an elected official: someone who listens, who has deep compassion, but also has the vision and drive to find a path towards change.“

    Ph.D., University of Washington, College of Education

    Tina Y. Gourd

  • "I’m so excited to endorse Chandra Hampson. I’ve witnessed her commitment to community and our kids which is unwavering and, more importantly, effective. Chandra is a an experienced advocate for education and will fight for all communities and students in her district and in the City.” 

    Children and Family Advocate

    Emijah Smith

  • Gabe has been named to Best Lawyers in America in the field of Native American Law from 2007 to 2018, and dubbed a Super Lawyer by his peers from 2013 to 2018.

    Managing Lawyer at Galanda Broadman, PLLC

    Gabriel S. Galanda

  • "I’m proud to endorse Chandra Hampson. I’ve witnessed her commitment  to community and  kids which is unwavering.  She is a champion for change within our educational system, and  uses facts and logic to improve outdated or nonsensical protocols. Chandra is an accomplished advocate for education and will fight for all communities and students in her district and in the City.”

    Business Owner, Parent NE Seattle

    Dawn Robinson

  • "Chandra Hampson has been a tireless champion for education justice in Seattle Schools for years. As a Native woman, as a parent, and as President of the Seattle City PTSA, Chandra has the experience we need to bring substantive and transformational change to our district.”

    Professor | School of Educational Studies & Dean of Diversity & Equity, UW Bothell

    Dr. Wayne Au

  • Sebrena is a BSK Family Engagement and Equity Consultant and former Seattle Council PTSA President.

    Community/Education Advocate

    Sebrena Burr

  • "Chandra is principled and committed to the success of all young people, including and especially those who have the least. Chandra listens honestly and openly—but will also challenge fearlessly—in order to reach successful outcomes without compromising her core values. Those core values, paired with her strong work ethic, will be an asset to the Seattle School Board. Students and parents will be well-served with Chandra as their advocate."

    Former Colleague and Mentee

    Alex Mendoza

  • "Chandra Hampson is a committed leader in our community.  She advocates for opportunities for all children in Seattle as PTSA President. She brings her energy, experience and unique perspectives to every discussion around kids and educational equity, and she will bring all these to the role of Seattle School Board Director. Please join me in voting for Chandra Hampson."

    Educator and Volunteer, Seattle Central College Adjunct Instructor

    Gabrielle Gerhard

  • "What stands out about Chandra is that she has been a fierce advocate for socially responsible business practices since the moment I met her at the University of Washington. Chandra has an impressive resume and her work history clearly demonstrates her commitment to social justice. It's been exciting to see her put that commitment and professional experience to work for Seattle Public Schools first as a volunteer and now candidate for School Board Director."

    Sr. Director of Marketing Operations at Getty Images

    Kimberly Decker

  • "I enthusiastically support Chandra Hampson as a future elected Seattle School Board member. Time and time again Ms. Hampson shows courage and common sense when it comes to problem solving and strengthening educational systems that are culturally relevant, appropriate and encourage all students in the Seattle School System."

    Native Foods Educator 

    Valerie Segrest

  • Anthony is a prolific connector and savvy strategist whose background informs his personal investment in servant leadership, human capital, and creating the conditions that enable the fair and just inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper and reach their full potential. 

    Special Adviser to the Mayor on Black Male Achievement

    Anthony Shoecraft 

  • "Es un gran honor para mi el poder expresar mi apoyo a la candidata Chandra Hampson, a la mesa directiva del consejo educativo distrito número 3 de Seattle Public Schools.


    La señor Chandra y yo nos conocemos desde hace un poco más de 6 años, cuando nuestras hijas empezaron el kínder en la escuela Sandpoint Elementary y cuando nos convertimos en grandes amigas. Chandra siempre ha estado activa en la Asociación de Padres y Maestros en donde compartimos varios años. Yo he sido testigo de cómo Chandra lucha por que todos los niños sin importar la etnicidad se les de la educación justa al igual que todos sean tratados con el respeto y igualdad que se merecen.


    Yo considero a Chandra una mujer excepcional, respetuosa, amable, de mi mentora confianza. Estoy segura que si es elegida ella velará por el bienestar, y el mejor desempeño académico de nuestros hijos. Al igual que la mejora educativa en su distrito."

    Seattle Public School Parent

    Martha Romo

  • "We need a representative on the Seattle School Board who intimately understands our community’s needs. We have that person in Chandra Hampson. Chandra has been a champion for our entire neighborhood, especially for our underrepresented residents living in Magnuson Park and their children. She has served this past year many community activities such as President of the Seattle Council PTSA, and over recent years as PTA President at Sandpoint Elementary, Vice Chair of MPAC, long time member of Magnuson Community Advisory Council. With her Native American heritage, her outstanding educational and work background, (please see resume below) she brings a practical dynamism devoted to building a system built on racial equity and social justice."

    Retired Teacher & Volunteer for Magnuson Community Center

    Carol Valdrighi

  • "I am a parent of two students at SPS. I got to know Chandra while we were both advocating and supporting our neighbors in the NE Seattle district. I always see her helping a family and addressing the unmet needs. Chandra cares about fair education policies and the families that are directly impacted. She believes in opportunities and will compassionately fight for all children."

    Seattle Public School Parent

    Sofia Deglel

  • "I am so proud to endorse Chandra Hampson.  I have witnessed first hand how her commitment to community and our children is unwavering and, more importantly, effective.  Chandra is an experienced advocate for education and will fight for the communities and students in her district and in the city."

    PTA Executive Committee Member

    Juliann Horan

  • "Chandra knows Seattle Public Schools inside and out. She has a background in finance and experience working with massive budgets. She's rooted in common sense, she walks her talk, and she doesn't quit until the job is done. I can't imagine anyone more qualified."

    President, Ravenna-Eckstein Advisory Council 

    Terry Farrah

  • "Chandra recognizes the beauty of our youth, increases their sense of belonging in school and empowers families to be involved. She continues to courageously challenge the status quo and dismantle systems that are contributing to our opportunity gap. I’m voting for Chandra because she has passion and experience to elevate and unify our entire community."

    Mother and Educator

    Paige Reischl

  • James is deeply interested in education and equitable access to education for all people. 

    Director of Development and Advancement at Neighborhood House

    James Lovell

  • "Chandra is exactly the type of school board member we need.  She is bright, an outspoken advocate for children, understands finances and how they impact decisions and speaks truth to power with a concise, focus driven voice.  I have known her through neighborhood advocacy for Magnuson Park and Sand Point School and been impressed by her energy meeting with decision makers and coaching and mentoring students."


    "She has my vote!"

    President, Friends of Sand Point Magnuson Park

    Lynn Ferguson

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