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Chandra Hampson:

A passionate, experienced advocate for our children.

Chandra weaves threads of social justice, finance, and economic and community development into the tapestry that is her work. Chandra currently serves Seattle’s students as a board member and former President of the Seattle Council PTSA. Chandra believes in a learning environment in which every child feels acknowledged as the gift that they are and confident that they are seen, heard, and supported in achieving their educational goals.


A lifelong Northwesterner but a Seattleite by choice, Chandra’s service is shaped by her past and her cultural heritage. She is from the Cloud family, and Thunderbird clan of the Winnebago Tribe. She is raising her third and fifth grade girls to understand the importance of being courageous for their ancestors, both HoChunk and Anishinaabe.

- Team Chandra

Play video above to hear directly from Chandra Hampson who is running for Seattle School Board Director, District 3. 





Fundraising is critical for all elected School Board members. You can help Chandra by making a donation here:

Donate with a click of the button above or mail a check payable to:


Team Chandra

PO Box 9100

Seattle, WA  98109


* Thank You in HoChunk

"I believe in maximizing opportunities for the children of Seattle to achieve intellectual health through advocacy and diligent but compassionate governance."

- Chandra Hampson

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“I do not believe the "cost" of equity is in fact high. I believe transparent and careful financial analysis will tell us that racial equity is, over time, at least cost neutral if not less operationally expensive. This means budget cannot and should never be a hurdle or barrier to equity work.”

- Chandra Hampson

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